READ-D race 2 marry a BIG BOY

READ-D race 2 marry a BIG BOY is what is now in vogue.Most ladies nowadays can’t function if there is no cash involved.The urge for
material tins has changed the
Do not make money your only priority wen choosing ur spouse.There’s more to marriage dan money alone ,a man wit a gud hrt is beta than a rich man with the heart of a beast.Most women say they
want security in lief so they won’t
date the poor.If he’s not rich today doesn’t
mean he’ll be poor 4 life as
long as he is ambitious.Getting married to d rich
doesn’t guarantee happiness in
those who say they will rather cry
inside a Range Rover Sports than
laughing on a bicycle have never
experienced pain in their life.
Some relationship mistakes can
cause life regrets.
What qualifies you as great
woman is not in designer Prada
shoes and Gucci bags. It’s in ur
good heart, good
characters and real personality.
Wen a real man finds a wife in
u, he’ll never let u go, dis is
guaranteed. It’s funny how material women blame men 4
breaking their heart and conclude men re d same.U only say men re d same wen you’ve tried them all. why will u try them all in first place!!! Re u a dog? A man who
wins your love wit cash may not stay for long. Real men don’t settle down wit fake women,they might be your temporary server but they’ll leave as soon as d coast is cleared.
THE HEART OF A FOOLISH MAN. Looking 4 a real man wen u’re fake is like looking 4 a LIVE FISH IN D DESERT. Don’t fool your own mind. Life is not a joke u can earn d d wealth now an  remain sad in yrs 2 come. Nd lastly, 4 d men that can’t be man enough 2 embrace d truthfulness of loving one woman completely and dig around wit their ‘middlemen’ because they’ve got the dough, remember u’re going to have beautiful girls as daughters in future. for those that sleep wit people’s husbands,remember what goes around comes around. The basis of any relatinship still remains LOVE, TRUST,GOOD COMMUNICATION AND COMMITMENT. “MAKE D RIGHT AND WISE CHOICE!!!!

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