Spain: Police Break Up Voodoo Sex Ring, Arrests Nigerian Suspects

Police in Malaga, Spain. broke up a prostitution ring that used voodoo to intimidate Nigerian women into becoming sex slaves, officials said, A months-long investigation into the ring led to the arrests of four Spanish and 14 Nigerian suspects.

The police said in a statement the organization also had associates in Nigeria who selected those they considered vulnerable.

Police said the gang lured Nigerian women by promising them a better life in Spain. Before flying them to Europe, the gang members allegedly forced the women to swear their loyalty by having them eat a raw chicken heart during a witchcraft ceremony.

The women would be in debt for the travel costs and work-related paperwork the gang supposedly underwritten.

Debts ranged from about $52,000 to $77,000, police said, meaning the women entered prostitution in several industrial estates as soon as they arrived in Malaga, the capital of Malaga province in Spain’s Autonomous Community of Andalusia.

Spain: Police Break Up Voodoo Sex Ring, Arrests Nigerian Suspects

  May God have mercy on some people.

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