Video: Ghanaian actor John Dumelo’s alleged wife speaks

A woman named Harrina Alexandria Dembele claimed a few weeks back that she’s the legal wife of Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo. Harrina is a US based model, actress and nurse and actually released a marriage certificate as evidence of the secret marriage. Harrina said they got married March 11th 2013 in Virginia, USA. John denied the reports, describing it as ridiculous. He said:

“Last 2 years they said I was getting married to one actress. Last year they said I was married with 1 kids. I’m sure in 2 years they will say I’m the newest grandfather in town”

When asked about the marriage certificate, John explained that there is indeed a marriage certificate but it was used as props for a marriage scene in a new documentary he is currently shooting at different locations in different countries all over the world. Harrina is saying something totally different. See her interview after the cut and tell us who you believe…


2 thoughts on “Video: Ghanaian actor John Dumelo’s alleged wife speaks

  1. Harrnia Whatever you called yourself please respect yourself and know that marriage is not by force it was a secret marriage both of you had for one reason or the other so let it remain the it is cos is too late for you@you are not a type of wife material John wants for a wife so you got to be careful with your desperate acts.

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