PHOTOS: See Woman Who Forces Herself To Overeat Because She Wants To Become The Fattest Model

Roly-Poly Tammy Jung is on a diet with a difference — she’s trying to become as fat as possible.


Whereas most 23-year-olds watch their weight to fit into the latest fashions, Tammy force feeds herself every day with a funnel.

And she says about her 16 stone frame: “My body looks so sexy.”

Tammy was once a healthy eight-stone teenager who wore skinny jeans, loved playing volleyball and going out with friends.

But now she stays indoors stuffing herself with fried chicken, donuts and whole blocks of cheese.heheheh!!! aint dat craze?anywayz its her choice…way to go gurl….lol






Tammy even allows boyfriend Johan Ubermen, 28, to pour ice cream milkshakes down her throat, in an attempt to put away 5,000 calories a day.


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