Imo State Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere In Gay Scandal – I Caught Them Having Sex In Hotel Room – Partner`s Wife

Newly appointed Imo state deputy governor, Prince Eze Madumere might be Homosexual. The former chief of staff to Imo state was caught in a sex romp with a male partner, Hon Uchenna Isidore Rajis, the former transitional caretaker chairman of Njaba local government Area of the state and a close aide of the state governor, Rochas Okorocha.













Hon. Rajis enstranged wife was the one who spilled the beans, she allegedly accused her Ex-hubby of indulging in a bi-sexual affair with prince Madumere.

She reportedly caught the duo in the act in January 2012 during the then fuel subsidy crisis two months after their traditional wedding in Owerri, the imo state capital. Sandra exclusively states that after the wedding ceremony, she and her husband lodged at disney hotel in Owerri and that she later took permission from her husband to visit her village.

She said on getting back to the hotel, she knocked, there was no answer, so she hit the room door and saw prince Madumere, who was then Chief of staff to Imo state Governor and her hubby came out of the bathroom naked and sweating. She further stated that none of the duo could tell her what was going on and that the incident wrecked her Marriage to Hon. Rajis, who abandoned her and her three months old son, Igwe.

”After our traditional marriage In November, 26th 2011 in Owerri, we were staying at disney Hotel, and i was responsible for the bills until January 2012, when i caught my Husband , Uchenna having sex with Prince Eze in our camp David apartment, of the hotel. Then, I was not based in Owerri, I lived outside the state. Rajis and Madumere are Homosexual partners,” she stated.

Raji and wife on wedding day

Sandra Rajis is now threatening fire and brimstone to take the matter up and fight for her son’s right having invested heavily on the marriage.

After Several failed marriages including the fourth to Sandra Uche Rajis, Hon. Rajis is now having affairs with another lady, Who is now his fifth wife, Kindness Onyebuenyi.

An guess who sponsored Hon. Rajis wedding to Kindness? Prince Madumere and it took place on saturday May 5th, 2013.


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