PHOTOS: Chris Brown Takes Intimate Pic With Ex-Girlfriend, Says Rihanna Is Too Needy And Clingy

Chris Brown and Karrueche and Chris are looking very cozy in this new pic, where Karrueche is seen ‘nurturing’ Chris! they are looking more in love and more intimate than ever in this new picture taken on June 9. Karrueche, 25, and Chris, 24, were snapped by Chris’ rapper friend Kid Red, who put this photo on Instagram with the caption “No friendship without love!” awwwww!!!!dats sweet


They really do look adorable, and top body language expert explains how Karrueche is looking after Chris:

Karrueche is very nurturing to him, as he nuzzles into her neck. She is very relaxed with him; her hand on his head and that is nurturing and loving. With all the pressures and negativity he is under, their sexual relationship is not the most important thing anymore. She is his best friend who can also satisfy his emotional needs.

Chris and Karrueche have been spotted together many times since he and Rihanna split in May, but they have never looked quite so cute and cozy. It has been previously reported that Chris broke up with Rihanna because she was too needy and he couldn’t handle her drama, and it’s clear he has an easier and more relaxing life with Karrueche.

Chris Brown Dumped Rihanna Because She’s Needy

“Rihanna wants too much from him,” a source connected singer exclusively. “Rihanna wants him to be with her all the time, be on her tour, she wants his a** on lock.”

The fact that Chris was getting close with Karrueche was not helping matters.

“[Rihanna] is jealous that he has a business with Kae,” the source adds. “It wasn’t like he was about to get [Karrueche] out his life just because Rihanna asked him to. Besides, Kae was down for [Chris] when Ri wasn’t. She was his support system and that’s something he won’t forget.”

Chris still loves Rihanna, but he was not ready to give her what she needs.

“She’s a bad b**** and deserves whatever she asks for in a relationship and she can get that from so many [guys], just not Chris,” says the source. “He wasn’t ready to go there with her like that. Give his ass some credit, he didn’t lie to her. He told her straight up he didn’t want to be tied down and be in a serious commitment.”hmmmm what can i say?


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