Hehe!! Two Drunk Secret Service Agents Crashed Into a White house Barrier.

Secret Service agents at the White House

Culled from vickyaloy’s blog

Two drunk secret service agents, today, the 12th of March 2015, crashed into a white house barrier after partying and drinking heavily at a nearby bar before the incident. lol. those two agents don enter ”gbese”. #continuingfromwhereistopped#. its been reported that this is one amongst so many other embarrassing incidents from the Secret Service Agents charged with protecting President Barrack Obama. 

  • 11 November 2011: A man fires several bullets at the White House and hits a second floor window. Four days pass before agents determine the building had been shot at. One of the president’s daughters was home at the time.
  • 13 April 2012: Agents providing security for President Obama in Colombia are recalled after being implicated in a prostitution scandal during a summit.
  • 23 March 2014: Three agents protecting the president in Amsterdam are put on administrative leave after a night of drinking. One agent is reportedly found passed out in a hotel hallway.
  • 16 September 2014: An armed man with an arrest record is allowed on an elevator with the president, violating Secret Service rules.
  • 19 September 2014: A man with a knife climbs over the White House fence and is able to enter the building before being stopped by agents. The president had left the White House minutes earlier.
  • 1 October 2014: Julia Pierson resigns as Secret Service director after a series of security lapses.
  • 4 March 2015: Two agents crash a car into a White House security barrier.

I can bet that the drink vanished from their eyes after the crash.lol.



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